A few false starts

As part of the process I have had to change my focus of my curated collection and also my PLN as I had discovered that I had not addressed the question put forward by my lecturer. It has taken many attempts to get this right and I still am in the dark as to whether I am on the right track.

It seems that this can be a problem with beginning teachers of not fully understanding the true focus of a particular area of the curriculum. It has made me rethink that I need to read all the available information and curriculum documents to make sure that what they are asking I am addressing. It has been a learning process just trying to understand this.

I hope that my blog and curation projects are on track as I would like to now focus on the processes. I am finding from what I have found so far that I need to really think about what I want to teach because there is so much out there.

Connecting with experts can help to refine the process and help me ensure that the information I am using is actually relevant and correct. Having experts also helps me to answer questions that I may not quite understand. It can also show my students that I too am still a learner and have a network of people whom I learn from. Just as they have their teachers at their school.

After these false starts I hope that people begin to follow me and my final (fingers crossed) topic of Plastic: from the past and for the future?

have a great day 🙂


My Blog

Today I began my blog. If you had asked me a year ago I probably would have asked ‘What’s a blog”. No I am not kidding. Though throughout my online studies I have come across many new, sometimes frightening technologies I had never ‘blogged’ until a recent course which forced me to. I decided to use that knowledge to create this blog so I can expand my P.L.N. (personal learning network) and also my curated collection with the topic Plastics: a material from the past or of the future?  As part of the strand materials specialisation of the Technology KLA of the Australian Curriculum.

As a beginning teacher there is so much to think about and do that I thought having a blog about my experiences (and I hope that from others as they discover my blog and share), along with my collection of stuff (that relates specifically to classroom implementation of technology KLA in an Australian context) that I have found be not only be useful but informative and maybe sometimes fun.

Please share with me and others your experiences (both sad and funny) any advice, or information that you can with other beginning teachers on classroom implementation of technology education in the Australian context. Networking helps us all to grow not only as learners and teachers but as people.

I am also on Twitter – @michelleirving7
Scoopit – http://www.scoop.it/t/5technological-advances-plastics-domestic-uses1/edit